Bike Education

Today we participated in Bike Ed  lessons. On the basketball courts we learnt ways to ride slowly in a straight line. Using the brakes while pedaling and choosing the right gear helped a lot. We played a game where the looser was the winner!!!  On the oval we practised the skills of riding in a straight line with both hands on the handlebars and when giving hand signals. This was tricky for manybut is necessary especially when we ride on roads without footpaths.

Thanks to Peter, Matt and Kerri for being terrific parent helpers.Riding in a straight line.

Practising skills

A Request…

Hello everyone…

We are well into our new Inquiry Unit – Forces and the children are enjoying the hands on activities.

In the coming weeks we will starting a project that requires lots of MILK BOTTLE TOPS (or bottle tops of that size). We would be very grateful if you could start saving them for us to ensure we have enough for all our children.

Many thanks from all the Year 4 teachers.

And The Winners Are…

During terms 1,2 & 3 Year 4 have a weekly session where the children play in their school houses to compete against each other in various sports.

Each week the children are asked to give the names of anyone that they noticed displaying good sportsmanship. These children are then given our very own ‘Brownlow points’.

All the points for the three terms have now been added and the winners and runners up were announced by Miss Virtanen at Year 4 assembly this week.

All of these children have made a great contribution to making Year 4 sport ‘fun and fair’ and they were rewarded with a certificate and medal…


Well done to all of you!

Also in assembly this week we congratulated Amber from 4B who came 3rd in this year’s National Water Poster Competition, run by South East Water.

Well done Amber!

Term 4

Hello everyone,

Term 4 is set to be a busy term with lots going on including Bike Education, the Film Festival, a visit from the Life Education Van and, of course, Christmas!

This term our Unit of Inquiry is FORCES.

Have a great term, everyone…remember to look at the classroom blogs for all the news and photos from individual year 4 classes.


Year 4 Tribal Day

The children were given a mission –  to explore the great unknown land across the dark waters of the Glenisla Sea.

When they arrived, their tribe had to work together and co-operate to complete the set tasks.

Welcome to Year 4 in 2013

We have made a great start to the year and are busy setting routines and ensuring everyone is organised.

A real focus has been getting to know each other.

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Information Communication Technology (ICT)

During weekly ICT sessions, students in Year 4 will learn about password security, protecting their personal information and being safe when accessing the internet. Students will be introduced to the Storybird website which lets children create and share stories with beautiful artwork. Students are only able to create, view and comment on each other stories from within their own private class account. Towards the end of Term 1, students will receive their own Education Netspace personal email account. They will learn about appropriate email use and how to send and receive emails using their new account. Further information about the email accounts will be provided later in the term. Please visit the ICT Blog and click on the Year Four category to view samples of student work and recommended websites, which are posted regularly throughout the year.


The Art program in term one aims to develop relevant skills and creativity whilst complimenting our throughline ‘IDENTITY’ and the year level focus.  Specifically activities will encourage an understanding of ‘Australia – First Contact’.  Skills covered will include drawing, painting, pastels and collage. The students will also study the work of Australian indigenous artists. Throughout the term students will be given the opportunity to reflect on their art experiences in their visual art diaries.

Physical Education

Year 4 students will be involved in the beach program, which is a component in the Physical Education curriculum. They will also participate in the Swimming Sports at both school level and some continuing onto District level. Term 1 will focus on the Track and Field events in Athletics. While we have good weather and the facilities, we will be able to cover majority during PE lessons.


Students will explore different music from around the world, with a focus on Indigenous and Australian Bush music this term.  There will also be a strong emphasis on further developing their skills in reading and writing rhythmic notation and performing simple melodies on tuned percussion.